Without Moisture Absorber

Excess moisture is retained on cold walls, carpets, furniture, clothes, and books, allowing for an increased production of allergens, mites, and mold that harm health and damage objects.

With Moisture Absorber

By using the Moisture Absorber, you prevent unwanted effects caused by excess moisture and thereby enable a healthier life and a longer lifespan of items.

The Moisture absorber can be used for:


What is it exactly, and how does it work?

The moisture absorber is an efficient and simple solution for eliminating excess moisture in all rooms. Silent, inconspicuous, does not consume any energy.

The moisture absorber is a plastic casing (of dimensions 16 x 20 cm, height 14 cm) that can be placed anywhere in the room, and if there is excess moisture, it absorbs it and collects it in the lower, transparent part of the container.

In the upper part of the absorber there is a tablet with hygroscopic salt (calcium chloride) which naturally binds only excess moisture from the air (when the relative humidity of the air is higher than 65%).

The constant use of moisture absorbers preserves the health of household members and prevents the occurrence of asthma and allergies.

  • It prevents the appearance of condensation, and therefore mold
  • It dries out damp basement walls in insufficiently ventilated rooms
  • It prevents the appearance of mold, as well as unpleasant smell in closets with clothes
  • It prevents the formation of mold microspores and bacteria that cause allergies and respiratory tract infections
  • It creates the ideal climate for asthmatics and rheumatic patients
  • It protects sensitive electronic devices such as Televisions, computers, copiers, cameras, etc.
  • In case of flooding in the apartment or cracking of pipes, accelerates the process of drying out the walls
  • It is an indispensable device for use in holiday homes and caravans and boats, especially if they are not used for a long time

After how many days are the results visible and what is the shelf life of the product?

In very humid rooms, the effectiveness of the Moisture Absorber can be noticed already after ten days. Excess ambient moisture binds to the salt crystals in the tablet. Reducing the amount of moisture in the room directly affects the prevention of condensation (that is, mold), rotting of materials, wetting of walls...

It consumes no energy (neither electricity nor does it require an accumulator) and does not emit any smell or steam. When placing the tablet on the grid, squeeze the tablet out of the open bag, trying not to make the tablet come into contact with the skin.

Air with increased moisture concentration passes through the grid cover and chemically binds to the salt in the tablet. The tablet gradually melts (dissolves) and turns into a gelatinous liquid that is collected in the lower container, and the effect of one tablet lasts 1-4 months, depending on the moisture concentration and air temperature in the room.

When the tablet is used up and the container with the collected liquid is full (maximum up to one liter), it is necessary to pour the liquid content into the sewer (but not into the septic tank), rinse the container and the grate, dry them, and then put a new refill tablet.

When the concentration of water vapor in the room drops to the optimal 50% - the effect of the moisture absorber stops, which prevents excessive drying of the air in the room. The effect of the absorber cannot be seen immediately, but after a few days or weeks. The real results are visible only after a few months of continuous use.

  • *Moisture absorber can be placed in any place (on the shelf, closet, floor..), but it should be kept away from the reach of children so as not to overturn the container and spill the collected liquid. Make sure that the collected liquid or tablet does not come into contact with metal, leather, fabric or carpet.
    When the tablet is completely worn out, it needs to be replaced with a new one (supplementary tablets can be purchased at the same points of sale as the moisture absorber).).