TILE&TUB PAINT adheres perfectly to all surfaces, has exceptional hardness, wear resistance and high gloss, and will refresh any surface in one, up to a maximum of two treatments, simply and in a short time.

Painting uses: sanitary bathtubs, fiberglass bathtubs, shower tubs, sinks, ceramic tiles, and other related surfaces. Applies to areas made of metal alloy (iron suitably treated against rust) and galvanized sheet metal, wood, walls, plastic (excluding PP-Polypropylene and PPO-Polyphenylene oxide).

It can be applied to products intended for exposure in urban, rural, coastal and industrial environments of medium aggressiveness, and is also suitable for boats.

How is it used?

TILE&TUB PAINT is used as is, mixing component A with component B. If necessary, it can be diluted with nitro thinner. Careful mixing of the product both BEFORE and DURING APPLICATION is recommended to ensure constant homogeneity of the product.

The product is stored in a cool and well-ventilated area. Keep the can tightly closed, upside down and protected from frost and heat sources.


Proper cleaning and preparation of the substrate are essential to obtain a smooth and long-lasting coating!

- If the existing paint layer is solid, stable, so there is no need to remove it completely, it is enough to degrease the surface with water and detergent and rinse well.
- If the existing paint layer is in the phase of separation, peeling, then first thoroughly brush and sand such parts of the surface or completely remove the existing paint using a paint remover. Wash with detergent or water and soap.


To use the product, simply pour the contents of component B (hardener) into the can of component A (enamel) first.

* If you do not want to use the entire quantity at once, please note that the catalysis / mixing ratios are as follows: 100g component A /26.5g component B.
Shake the can well for a few minutes, then let it rest for a few minutes before applying.
Use the mixed paint within a maximum of 6 hours from the time of preparation.



Wash the surface with detergent or water and soap.
Then apply one or more coats of product at least 24 hours apart between coats, with light surface sanding between coats.
Recommended application methods: brush, roller or using an airless device.



Approximate drying time:
approx. 5 hours to the touch, and full drying approx. 12 hours
Indicative coverage: 8–10 m2 per liter
Tool cleaning: with nitro thinner.