Moisture and

The presence of moisture in the walls
of buildings causes numerous problems and inconveniences

  • it has a bad effect on the thermal characteristics, which means that it is necessary to heat the rooms more, which implies higher costs
  • as a result of humidity, stains, mold and often the final layer of plaster fall off, the plaster of trowel appears on the walls...
  • due to long exposure to the effect of moisture, the walls can also suffer permanent damage.

All this tells us that when problems with moisture appear, we need to react quickly.

– Atmospheric humidity

– Condensation moisture

– Moisture from leaks

Prior to any intervention, it is necessary to make the most accurate diagnosis, that is, to determine the true causes of the presence of moisture, since when it has been present, in what conditions it arose... The expert will quickly determine the type of moisture in question and propose the best solution for the remediation of the problem.

Condensation moisture

Condensation moisture occurs as a result of poor thermal insulation of rooms and inadequate ventilation.

Critical places where dew occurs – the collection of water droplets are most often corners – corners of rooms such as concrete beams and window sills.

As a consequence of the large difference between the external temperature of the wall, especially in winter, and the internal temperature in the heated room, the moisture present in the air condenses. The warm air cools sharply and there is dew on the surface of the wall. A damp and cold substrate leads to the appearance of mold. In addition to the unsightly appearance of the walls, excess moisture in the premises and mold as a consequence, it is extremely dangerous for the health of people, especially children.

Your allies against moisture and mold

Everything you need to get rid of excess moisture and mold problems in the long run

Moisture absorber

Moisture absorber is efficient and simple solution for the elimination of excess moisture in all rooms. Noiseless, inconspicuous, and does not consume any energy.

The constant use of moisture absorbers preserves the health of household members and prevents the occurrence of asthma and allergies.

Thermal coating
for walls

Effectively prevents condensation from occurring in the treated areas. The surface treated with this thermocoating is warmer up to 5°C than the one that has not been coated.

The coating is easy to apply with a brush and after drying it can be painted over with standard water-based dispersion paints.

Felt-tip pen
for joints

A simple and effective solution to refresh or change the color of ceramic tile joints is StopKondenz – GROUT MARKER – Felt-tip pen for joints.

It is very effective in covering imperfections and stains on the joints. It is suitable for use in a humid environments.


If mold has already appeared because of excess moisture, the solution is SK Cleaner – liquid preparation with a sprayer for the disinfection and removal of mold from walls, windows and doors, wood, plastic, ceramic tiles, parts around the sink, shower cabins, bathtubs and other surfaces.

It is used in households, public and industrial facilities to treat surfaces that are not in direct contact with food for humans or animals.