Thermal coating
for walls


If the concentration of moisture is extremely high, the most effective solution is StopKondenz thermal coating, which very effectively prevents condensation from appearing on the treated areas.

The surface treated with this thermal coating is up to 5°C warmer than the one that is not coated. The amount of heat that accumulates ensures that even when the relative humidity in the room is up to 90%, it prevents condensation and thus definitively eliminates the conditions for the appearance of mold.

StopKondenz is applied simply with a brush and after drying can be painted over with standard water-based dispersion paints.

– Atmospheric humidity

– Condensation moisture

– Moisture from leaks

How exactly is it used and how much is the consumption?

It contains particles of mineral powder that have the property of absorbing heat from the room and later emitting it to warm cold surfaces.

It does not require a previous base and can be applied over old paint that does not peel off. Surfaces affected by mold should be washed with an aqueous solution of bleach (1dl of bleach dissolved in 1/2 liter of water). It is applied (without thinning) in two layers with a brush or roller. In critical situations, it is recommended to apply a third layer.

The first coat should ensure complete surface coverage and minimum layer thickness. Apply the second coat after 4 hours. After another 4 hours, apply the third coating so that the total thickness of the coating layer is about 1mm.

When the surface is completely dry, it can be painted with standard dispersion paints. In 2 coats without thinning, the consumption is 0.7 lit/m². In 3 coatings, consumption is 0.9 lit/m². When it is diluted with 10-15% water for easier application, it must be applied in three layers, with a consumption of 0.7 lit/m².