Moisture absorber

Eliminate moisture from your home, quickly and easily

2 tablets

Moisture absorber is efficient and simple solution for the elimination of excess moisture in all rooms. Noiseless, inconspicuous, and does not consume any energy.

The constant use of moisture absorbers preserves the health of household members and prevents the occurrence of asthma and allergies.

Thermal coating
for walls


Effectively prevents condensation from occurring in the treated areas. The surface treated with this thermocoating is warmer up to 5°C than the one that has not been coated.

The coating is easy to apply with a brush and after drying it can be painted over with standard water-based dispersion paints.

Felt-tip pen
for joints

Refresh or change the color of ceramic tile joints quickly and easily

A simple and effective solution to refresh or change the color of ceramic tile joints is StopKondenz – GROUT MARKER – Felt-tip pen for joints.

It is very effective in covering imperfections and stains on the joints. It is suitable for use in a humid environments.


Mold remover

If mold has already appeared because of excess moisture, the solution is SK Cleaner – liquid preparation with a sprayer for the disinfection and removal of mold from walls, windows and doors, wood, plastic, ceramic tiles, parts around the sink, shower cabins, bathtubs and other surfaces.

It is used in households, public and industrial facilities to treat surfaces that are not in direct contact with food for humans or animals.

Aqua tile color

Paint for wall tiles

Water-based paint intended for the direct application to ceramic wall tiles in kitchens, bathrooms and toilets.

Lux tile

Paint for floor and wall tiles

High-quality paint for floor tiles.

  • Extremely fast drying ~ 24 hours
  • Slip resistance class R9


Elastic sealant for sealing cracks on roofs and other surfaces

Permanently elastic sealant compound reinforced with dralon fibers.

Permanently insulated roofs.

  • Even in the rain and frost
  • On most surfaces
  • Crack closure up to 1 cm


Two-component paint for bathtubs

Two-component paint for bathtubs and tiles TILE&TUB PAINT adheres perfectly to all surfaces, has exceptional hardness, wear resistance and high gloss, and will refresh any surface in one, up to a maximum of two treatments, easily and in a short time.

Used for sanitary bathtubs, fiberglass bathtubs, shower tubs, sinks, ceramic tiles, and other related surfaces.